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Apostille on Criminal Background Check
Start by contacting an FBI Channeler or the FBI office directly and requesting your FBI background check. If you are not a US citizen, an FBI Channeler may not be able to help you, so you need to go directly to the FBI for assistance. If you have trouble finding a trusted FBI Channeler, please let us know and we will be happy to help you find one. You can also visit the FBI website for the list of approved FBI Channelers.
Social Security Income Statement Apostille
If you plan to retire in another country you should know that the government of the country of your destination will require you to show proof of your financial security before you can be granted a residency permit. An apostilled Social Security Income and Benefits Statement is an acceptable document to confirm that you meet a minimum monthly retirement income requirement and is commonly requested for an application for an extended stay or permanent residency visa.
Florida Marriage Certificate Apostille
By the State of Florida’s law, a marriage certificate in Florida is issued by the Circuit and County Courts in the County that registered a marriage. To apostille a Florida-issued marriage certificate you should first obtain a certified copy signed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. A certified copy needs an embossment with a raised seal and a stamp from the Circuit and County Courts.
Washington DC Apostille
Do you need to apply for apostille for your documents from the United States Department of State – Office of Authentications in Washington D.C.? Were your documents issued by the Federal Court and need authentication from Washington D.C.? Do you have a birth, marriage, or death certificate issued in the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)?
How to Get an Apostille on a Diploma
Generally, an apostille on a Diploma is required for anyone planning to work or study in a foreign country. Multichoice Apostille is a trusted expert in obtaining an apostille on diplomas from universities, colleges, and high schools from any state in the United States. If you need to apostille your diploma, you should first have it signed by the Registrar and notarized. The Registrar is an official administrator authorized to attest to the Diploma’s authenticity and validity.
National Archives Apostille
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the official country’s record keeper with offices located all over the United States. The most frequently requested documents we process an apostille for are the certified copies of Naturalization Records and Passenger Arrival Records from the National Archives office in New York.
GED Apostille
If you are an international student and need to apostille your GED diploma and transcripts, we can help! Multichoice Apostille can help you obtain an apostille on your GED Diploma and Transcripts easy and stress-free.
Certificate of Citizenship Apostille
Children born in another country to parent(s) – US citizens may be eligible to obtain United States citizenship based on the nationality of parents if both parents and a newborn child meet certain citizenship criteria.
FBI Criminal Background Check Apostille
Countries that require an apostilled FBI background checks most frequently are Belgium, China, and France. If you plan to work or study in one of these countries, you will need to obtain an apostille on your FBI background check and your diplomas.
DS-4194 Office of Authentications
Do you have documents that require an apostille from the US Department of State – Office of Authentications? Do you need a form DS-4194?
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