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Apostille on Power of Attorney for India

To make your signed and notarized Power of Attorney valid in India, you should have it apostilled by the Secretary of State. We can obtain a USA apostille for all documents signed and notarized in any of the 50 US states and the District of Columbia. After you get your document apostilled, you will need to contact a Consulate of India for attesting your Power of Attorney through the Consular office.  Multichoice Apostille can assist you with an apostille service via the Secretary of State office. We are not able to provide Embassy/Consulate authentication for India.

Remember that a Power of Attorney should be signed and witnessed by two individuals (their full names and addresses must be clearly stated).

Even though India is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, some regions in India ask for the attestation by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in addition to the Secretary of State’s office apostille. To avoid any problems, we advise that your Power of Attorney is apostilled and then attested by the Embassy/Consulate office.

The Embassy of India is located in Washington DC. Also, there are five Indian Consulates in the United States, located in the following states/cities:

• California (San Francisco)
• Georgia (Atlanta)
• Illinois (Chicago)
• New York (New York City)
• Texas (Houston)

Before you start processing a Power of Attorney, please check with the Indian Embassy or Consulate office within your jurisdiction for detailed instructions. A Consular office may request that you notarize additional paperwork to show proof that you are a current legal resident in the United States. Typical documents they ask to notarize are:

• U.S Driver’s license
• Bank/credit card/mobile phone statements
• Water or landline telephone bill showing applicant’s address
• House Lease Agreement

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