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Car Title Apostille

Do you need an apostille on your car title?

An apostille on a car title is required when: 

• Your car was stolen/recovered abroad.
• Your need to transport your car to a foreign country and plan to register it in that country.
• You have sold your car to a foreign buyer, and a buyer asks you to have the Car Title signed, notarized, and apostilled.  
• You are a foreign buyer and have bought a vehicle in the United States.

A Car Title must be signed and notarized before it can receive an apostille. If you are located in the United States and plan to sell your vehicle to a buyer in another country, you will need to visit a notary public and ask for notarization of a signature on your Car Title first. If you need an apostille for purposes other than selling your car, a color copy of your Car Title may be sufficient if it is notarized by a notary public. We recommend that you request a written affidavit attesting that a color copy of your Car Title is a true copy of the original Car Title in your possession. 

So, if you are selling your car, bring your original Car Title to a notary public and have your signature signed and notarized. If you are not selling your vehicle, you can bring a color copy of your Title to a notary public and have it signed and notarized. It is a good idea to also write an affidavit stating that a color copy of your Car Title is a true copy of the original in your possession. This affidavit is also referred to as a Copy Certification by the document custodian. In some states, a notary public is allowed to certify a Car Title without the personal presence of its owner. 
If you are a United States Citizen located abroad, you can visit your US Embassy/Consulate office for a notary service. Please check with the local US Embassy/ Consulate if you need an appointment to notarize your Car Title.

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