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University Degree Apostille

Why do I need to apostille my university degree?

For your university degree to become valid in another country, it requires an apostille. The main function of an apostille is to prove that your degree is legitimate and true. Before a university degree apostille can be processed, your degree needs to be signed by the University’s Registrar and notarized.

Multichoice Apostille obtains university degree apostille for use in over 115 countries-members of the Hague Apostille Convention. We can also provide a legalization process on degrees for use in over 60 non-member countries of the Hague Apostille Convention. Most frequently, an apostille on university degree is requested by Italy, South Korea, and Spain, while China, Kuwait, Taiwan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates require that a US-issued university degree goes through a legalization process. 

How can I obtain a University Degree Apostille?

1. Start by contacting your University’s Registrar’s office and telling the Registrar that you need the original or a color copy of your degree to be signed and notarized. The Registrar may ask that you send in your original degree or email its color copy. Some universities require a purchase of a new degree certificate. Many universities have an in-house notary public who can notarize your degree. If your university does not have a notary public, you can arrange for a traveling notary to come to the university and meet with the Registrar. When choosing a notary, please make sure he has a valid notary license and uses an appropriate affidavit so that the State office could authenticate your degree with an apostille. 

2. Once your degree has all the required signatures and a notarial seal, please check it carefully to verify that it was done properly. Some universities put a signature and notarial affidavit on the backside of a degree, while others place them on the front side. The placement of signature is not as important as long as your degree bears the original signature, the printed name of the Registrar, the notary’s name, notary’s signature, date of notarization, notarial affidavit, and stamp. 

3. Mail your degree to our office for apostille processing. 

The apostille process can be quite complex and if you are not familiar with it, it’s best to trust professionals like Multichoice Apostille to take care of it. If you need a USA apostille on your birth certificate, marriage certificate, or other documents, please choose our apostille services. Multichoice Apostille has almost 20 years of experience in processing authentication documents for use abroad. We will take care of all the complicated details for getting your documents certified while you can focus on other things. We apostille USA birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, school transcripts, FBI background check report, Social Security letter, and other documents. Multichoice Apostille is your unmatched service provider for USA apostille!
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