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US Residency Certificate Apostille – IRS Form 8802 / 6166

Were you requested to provide an apostille on a U.S. Residency Certificate IRS Form 8802 / 6166?

Form 8802 Application for United States Residency Certification is needed to obtain a residency certificate. Form 6166 is required for all US residents who wish to claim income tax treaty benefits and other certain tax benefits in Hague Convention Countries.

The company or a person claiming treaty tax benefits in a member country of the Hague Convention must provide a special IRS certification that they residents of the United States for federal tax purposes. The IRS issues a residency certification on Form 6166, also known as U.S. Residency Certification.

Form 6166 is printed on special U.S. Department of Treasures stationery paper and states that a company or a person listed on this form is a legal resident of the United States. Form 6166 is required to everyone who plans to legally claim income tax treaty benefits and other tax benefits while conducting business abroad. 

You can avoid being taxed twice, if, for example, you intend to work as a teacher in a country that is a Tax Treaty Partner of the United States. You should contact the IRS to make sure the country you are going to is a Tax Treaty Partner. 

It is quite common for a company to establish a representative office in a foreign country to simplify business operations in that country.  If you opened a branch in a country – member of a Tax Treaty, you should be able to get the reduced tax rates if you prove that you have a US residency. 

Tax Treaties are designed to help residents of foreign countries avoid double taxation and pay reduced tax rates. 

Your first step in obtaining an apostille on Form 6166 is to complete a required form 8802.  The IRS takes a few weeks on average to process this form which must be printed on the Department of Treasure stationery paper. Once you have it you will need to mail it to our office for apostilling via the US Department of State. The average processing takes four business days. Our service also includes domestic second-day return shipping service by the UPS or FedEx.

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