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Vehicle Title Registration Certificate Apostille
Multichoice Apostille can help you obtain an apostille on your Vehicle Title Registration Certificate (Car Title) easy and stress-free. We have been providing apostille service since 2004, and are able to apostille documents issued in all of 50 US states and Washington DC.
Apostille on TEFL/TESOL Certificate
To receive an apostille on TEFL/TESOL certificate, you should request a notarized original (preferred) or a notarized color copy of your certificate from the school that has issued it. The school must have a physical campus in the USA.
Apostille on Certificate of Naturalization – USCIS Form G-24
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the sole authority that can copy a Certificate of Naturalization and certify it as a true copy. If you are a naturalized US citizen and need to apostille your Certificate of Naturalization, you should first contact the USCIS and request a “Certified True Copy” of your certificate.
US Patent and Trademark Apostille
Multichoice Apostille processes apostille on documents issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). To receive an apostille on your Patent and Trademark document, you should mail its certified copy with the attached gold seal to our office. Please make sure that your USPTO document is signed by the Certifying officer from the United States Department of Commerce.
Apostille on Certificate of Free Sale
The Certificate of Free Sale certifies that the goods, including food items, cosmetics, medical devices, etc. are allowed for sale and legal distribution in the open market, freely without restrictions, and are also validated by the regulatory authorities in the country of origin.
Petition for Name Change Apostille
An apostille can only be processed on an original certified copy of Petition for Name Change issued by the local District Court (Federal Court), with a signature and seal of the Deputy Clerk and the Clerk of the District Court. The document should also bear two embossments (one per signature).
Single Status Affidavit Apostille
The most common reason for apostilled Single Status Affidavit is marriage in a foreign country - member of the Hague Apostille Convention. In some cases, this document can also be requested for international employment purposes.
Apostille for Power of Attorney – POA
An apostille on Power of Attorney is always obtained in the same state where your document was signed and notarized. So, if you signed and notarized your Power of Attorney in New York, your POA can only receive an apostille from the State of New York.
Death Certificate Apostille
Multichoice Apostille can help you obtain a death certificate apostille fast and easy. We have been providing apostille service since 2004, and know everything there is to know about apostille processing, so you can relax and trust our experienced team to take care of your apostille needs.
Social Security (SSA) Apostille
An apostilled Social Security statement is a standard requirement for anyone who plans to retire abroad or move to a foreign country for permanent residence. Social security statement serves as an assurance that a person has sufficient funds to reside in a different country and has a stable and guaranteed income from the US government.
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