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Legalization of U.S. issued documents at a foreign Embassy/Consulate for use in a foreign country

Are you going to a foreign country and your documents issued in the USA need to be legalized by that country’s Embassy or a Consulate in the USA? 

Multichoice Apostille can take care of legalizing your documents through Embassy and Consulate offices in the United States.

Here are some most popular documents, requested to be legalized:

• Affidavits
• Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates
• Criminal Background Checks
• Corporate Documents
• Diploma Certificates and Transcripts
• Divorce Decree
• Driver License or Passport copies
• Powers of Attorney
• Other Miscellaneous Documents

Complete the easy steps below and we will help you get your document legalized for use abroad: 

Step 1. Provide details about your document

   - Is this document an original or a certified copy?
   - If yes, proceed to Step 2.
   - If no, you will first have to procure an original or a certified copy to continue the legalization process.

Step 2. Provide a place of issue of the document

    - Was your document issued by the U.S. Federal government? If you answered yes, proceed to Step 3
      If no:
    - Was your document (corporate or personal document) signed and notarized by a licensed notary public and attested by an apostille or certification from the U.S.?
        - If yes, proceed to Step 3.
        - If no, you will first need to have the document signed and notarized by a licensed notary public and obtain an apostille or certification on it. For further instructions proceed to  U.S. Apostille page.
- Was your document issued by one of the 50 U.S. States or by the District of Columbia and endorsed with an official stamp/seal?
   - If yes, proceed to U.S. Apostille page.

Step 3.  What is the country of destination?

Is the country of your document’s destination included in this list?
   - If yes, then your document will need an apostille. Proceed to Step 4 for further instructions.
    - If your country is NOT on the list:
        - Does your document bear U.S. Secretary of State certification?
          - If yes, proceed to Step 4.
          - If no, proceed to Certification page for further instructions.
   - If you are not sure, proceed to Step 6.

Step 4. Document check:

To ensure your documents are ready for legalization we would need to review them before we ask you to mail the originals or certified copies to our office. Please upload the documents for legalization to our contact form. We will review your documents and provide you with the total cost estimate and the processing time. You can also see our rates and processing times for different document types on our Rates page. 

Step 5. Fill out the Apostille/Authentication Request Form:

1. Download the Apostille/Authentication Request Form here.
2. Print and fill out the form using our instructions on how to submit the payment and send the required documents to our office. 
3. Please specify what type of certification/legalization you need to obtain from the Consulate/Embassy. You need to contact the foreign authority requesting the legalization of your document for their specific requirements.

We will confirm the receipt of your documents in our office by email or phone. We may also contact you if we have any additional questions pertaining to your case. 

Step 6. How to contact us:

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns during our business hours 9 AM - 5 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday:

• By phone: 770-447-0360
• By fax: 770-447-0790
• You can also send us a message via the webform or Contact Us page.

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