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FBI Criminal Background Check Apostille
Countries that require an apostilled FBI background checks most frequently are Belgium, China, and France. If you plan to work or study in one of these countries, you will need to obtain an apostille on your FBI background check and your diplomas.
DS-4194 Office of Authentications
Do you have documents that require an apostille from the US Department of State – Office of Authentications? Do you need a form DS-4194?
Degree Apostille
Have you decided to continue your education or work in a foreign country after completion of US College and/or University? Did the country of your destination request an apostille on your degree?
Permission to Travel Apostille
Multichoice Apostille can help you obtain an apostille on your Permission to Travel Letter (also known as Travel Consent Letter) easy and stress-free. We have been providing apostille service since 2004, and can apostille documents issued in all of 50 US states and Washington DC.
US Embassy Single Status
Are you currently outside of the USA and need to apostille your Single Status Affidavit? Have you contacted the local US Embassy/Consular office regarding your Single Status document?
Apostille on Marriage Certificate
A marriage certificate apostille must be processed through the state that issued a marriage certificate. As an example, if your marriage was registered in the state of California, your marriage certificate apostille will also be issued by the state of California. If you were married in New York, only the State of New York can apostille your marriage certificate. A marriage certificate apostille is always obtained from the state of issue.
US Embassy Apostille
All US Embassies/Consular offices have US Federal notary public on staff and can notarize your documents. They cannot, however, obtain an apostille on them. For instance, if you want to get married abroad, you can have your paperwork notarized through the local US Embassy/ Consulate office. They can also assist you with getting a Single Status Affidavit. However, only the U.S. Department of State – Office of Authentication in Washington, D.C. is eligible to process an apostille on your documents.
US Residency Certificate Apostille – IRS Form 8802 / 6166
Form 8802 Application for United States Residency Certification is needed to obtain a residency certificate. Form 6166 is required for all US residents who wish to claim income tax treaty benefits and other certain tax benefits in Hague Convention Countries.
Single Status Apostille
Multichoice Apostille can help you obtain an apostille on your Single Status Affidavit easy and stress-free. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to assist you with Single Status apostille processing in all 50 states, the District of Columbia (Washington DC), and US Embassy/Consular offices globally.
United States Department of Justice Apostille
Do you need to file a Petition for Name Change in a foreign country as a result of changing your legal name in the USA? Do your certified copies of the US Federal Court documents (including Bankruptcy, Subpoena, or Judgement) need an apostille? All US Federal Court (District Court) documents require certification through the United States. Department of Justice in Washington D.C. before they can be accepted for an apostille processing by the U.S. Department of State.
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