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Apostille for Important Documents

Many types of documents can receive an apostille, including doctor or employer authorization, proof of residency, and other non-governmental papers. To become acceptable for apostille processing, these documents may require special certifications, such as notarization.
Let’s say you have a letter from a physician confirming that you are healthy and fit for international travel. For the State to accept your letter for apostille, it needs to be notarized first. Also, documents like certified copies of a driver’s license or residential lease agreements may require notarization before they can receive an apostille. Since the United States does not have an official residency database, notarized and apostilled copies of the driver’s license or lease agreement serve as an official document when a foreign government asks for proof of legal residency. Usually, these documents are also accompanied by an affidavit from the custodian confirming that the documents are correct and true. Many states require that a document signed by a custodian is notarized before it is submitted for an apostille.

NOTE: Make sure you choose an experienced notary public to notarize your documents properly and according to the notarial laws in your state. Incorrectly notarized documents will not be accepted for apostille processing. Multichoice Apostille offers a complimentary review of your documents even if you plan to apply for an apostille service on your own. You just need to email us scanned copies of your documents, we will review them and provide you with the necessary instructions for obtaining an apostille. 

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