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Apostille for International Students

If you are an international student in America, you have plenty of things to worry about while adjusting to your new life and meeting your academic requirements. In addition to your classes, you have to overcome language and cultural barriers, get used to a new lifestyle, unfamiliar rules and laws, etc. And having to keep up with a lot of complicated paperwork required for enrollment and completing a US school on top of it all can be quite stressful. After an international student receives his/her long-awaited US-issued diploma, he/she must remember to have all diplomas and transcripts legalized with an apostille for these documents to be fully accepted in the home country. 

An apostille is a special form of authentication that allows US-issued documents to become legally acceptable by other countries. If your diploma or school transcript issued in the United States will be used in another country, it must be properly legalized to be recognized in that country. 

Apostille processing through the US Department of State is a complicated enough process but for an international student whose native language is not English, it could be even more difficult. Apostille application requires completing government forms, having them properly notarized, paying government fees and, in some cases, depending on the country of your destination, obtaining special approvals. Completing all these steps correctly and in a timely manner can be critical for a foreign student who recently graduated and received a job offer in a different country. A typical employer expects that a job candidate provides all the required documents as soon as possible, so it’s better to let an experienced apostille service provider obtain all the needed paperwork than risking losing a job offer. 

If you use Multichoice Apostille, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes while getting your documents apostilled. We will take care of legalizing your diploma and transcripts, while you can focus on other things. Call us today for fast and reliable apostille service. 

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