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Background Checks for Certifications/Apostilles

Obtaining citizenship in a foreign country always entails multiple documents that need to be authenticated. An apostilled Criminal Background Check is likely to be one of those documents. Although some countries have harsher requirements for the authentication process, most have similar procedures and prerequisites.

All U.S. citizens who want to obtain citizenship in another country will have to apply for a background check from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Generally, the FBI check is conducted on a national scale and therefore, can take some time to obtain. The best way to obtain an FBI check is through the FBI directly, or through a verified FBI channeler. 

In addition to the FBI background check, the applicant will need to obtain a background check from each state where he/she ever resided in. If, for instance, you have lived in California, New York, and Florida, you will be required to provide background checks from each of these three states. The state background checks must be properly signed before they can be submitted for an apostille at the Secretary of State office. 

What companies can help with the FBI Background Check process?

There are many ways to receive assistance with getting the FBI background check.  You can delegate a family member or a friend to request the FBI background check on your behalf. You can also contact the third-party service, like an FBI channeler, who are experts in obtaining background checks and can even expedite the process for an additional fee if needed. Whatever way for obtaining the FBI background check you choose; you must submit your fingerprints to receive the FBI report. 

Can the FBI issue an Apostille for Background Checks?

The FBI does not issue Apostilles. An apostille on all documents issued by federal government, is processed by the United States Department of State. Please check that the FBI background check you are submitting for apostille processing has all the required official signatures. Background check reports missing the required signatures will not be accepted for apostille. When you request a background check, indicate that you will be applying for an apostille afterward to ensure your documents have all necessary signatures and certifications. 

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