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Foreign Qualifications Validation and Recognition

The United States does not have a designated authority to recognize foreign degrees and other types of academic and professional qualifications. Consequently, three entities are regarded as competent authorities for reviewing and recognition matters:

1. Schools and higher education institutions
2. Hiring employers
3. State and Regional licensing boards for regulated professions

Most of the entities listed above also utilize professional credential verification services – independent organizations that evaluate foreign credentials and offer recommendations on how these credentials compare to similar United States-issued qualifications among professions and academic establishments. The cost of the verification service depends on how complex the evaluation needs to be and the amount of documentation available on the particular type of qualification. Typically, the cost of the evaluation is covered by either the individual being evaluated or the employer/institution reviewing the qualifications for admission. 

Documents written in a Foreign Language

If a document was written in a foreign language, you may require a translation into the English language before it can be notarized. The notary public may ask to witness the translation of the document and the translator’s signature. An original and translation will then be submitted for an apostille.
All apostilles must bear a legal signature along with the official seal of the agency involved. No additional certification is needed for already apostilled documents upon entry into a foreign country, including certification by Customs or an Embassy. Please check the requirements of your state to ensure that you complete all necessary steps to get your document(s) properly notarized and apostilled. 

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