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Apostille for Ukraine

Ukraine is a member country of the Hague Apostille Convention, so any legal document intended for official use in Ukraine requires an Apostille from the Secretary of State.       

We process apostilles for documents issued by all fifty US states and District of Columbia, as well as the documents issued by the United States Federal Government.

Here is the list of documents most often submitted for apostille:

• Birth Certificates
• Death Certificates
• Marriage Certificates
• Divorce Decree
• Single Status Affidavit
• Background Checks (Local, State, FBI)
• Copy of Passport
• Copy of Driver License
• Power of Attorney
• Corporate Power of Attorney
• Transcripts
• Diplomas
• Authorization Letter
• Travel Consent Letter
• Articles of Incorporation
• Certification of Origin
• Certificate of Good Standing
• Certification of Free Sale
• Commercial Invoice

Please note, that we only apostille documents issued in the United States. If your documents were issued in Ukraine, you need to seek assistance from the competent authorities in Ukraine. The exception to this rule is made for documents issued in Ukraine but either a signature on the document or a copy of the document was notarized in the United States. Keep in mind that foreign-issued vital records are never notarized. Before you apply for an apostille check the exact requirements regarding document translation in your specific country of destination. Depending on the state where you need an apostille from, documents issued outside of the United States but notarized by the United States notary public may need to be translated into English first. Some countries require that the translation of the document submitted for an apostille should be apostilled as a separate document. Also, some countries have specific requirements for the translation, or may even require that the translation is done by a certain pre-authorized translator. If you need help with translating your documents, we offer our expert translators who can assist you with documents in more than 50 languages. 

Please contact us if you are in Ukraine or elsewhere outside of the United States and need assistance with procuring your documents. Some documents need to be notarized before they can be submitted for an Apostille. We ship documents worldwide. International shipping rates apply.

Obtaining an apostille can be intricate. Avoid leaving this task for inexperienced staff or non-professionals who are not fully aware of the complexities of the apostille process and the unique requirements of certain countries. Your application may be rejected, and you will lose time and money. Choose smart!

At Multichoice Apostille our experts are available Monday through Friday from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Please call us at 1-770-447-0360 or toll-free 866-416-0747, and we will answer all your questions and offer easy to follow detailed instructions.

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